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Hi there!

I’m Alex Melville, an independent

Founder of Design Planet

Freelance Creative Director

Visual Design Lead giffgaff


I'm a strategic design leader with 14 years experience working across multiple creative fields, crafting impressive solutions across a vast array of projects.

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What services do I specialize in?

Design Thinking.
Creative Direction.
Brand & Identity.
Art Direction.
Visual Design.
User Experience.
Motion Graphics.

Where am I based?

I work primarily from my studio in Hellingly (near Eastbourne). However, I am happy to travel to cities across the UK or Europe to catch up with in-house teams and clients.

My work schedule can also be adjusted to team up remotely with European and east-coast US-based teams.

Who's trusted me?

Bloomberg Bose Braun Croccs Emirates Ford GoCompare Helly Hansen Honda HSBCBloomberg Bose Braun Croccs Emirates Ford GoCompare Helly Hansen Honda HSBCBloomberg Bose Braun Croccs Emirates Ford GoCompare Helly Hansen Honda HSBCBloomberg Bose Braun Croccs Emirates Ford GoCompare Helly Hansen Honda HSBC
giffgaff John Lewis Lacoste Lego Lenovo M&S Nespresso Ocado Quickbooksgiffgaff John Lewis Lacoste Lego Lenovo M&S Nespresso Ocado Quickbooksgiffgaff John Lewis Lacoste Lego Lenovo M&S Nespresso Ocado Quickbooksgiffgaff John Lewis Lacoste Lego Lenovo M&S Nespresso Ocado Quickbooks
Sensodyne Squarespace Uber Vodafone Volvo Wellcome Collection YunoJunoSensodyne Squarespace Uber Vodafone Volvo Wellcome Collection YunoJunoSensodyne Squarespace Uber Vodafone Volvo Wellcome Collection YunoJunoSensodyne Squarespace Uber Vodafone Volvo Wellcome Collection YunoJuno

What interests me?

Life’s not all about pixels and prototypes. When I’m not crafting captivating designs, you'll likely find me:

Embracing the chaos – Family comes first, and sometimes that means embracing a little organized mayhem. After all, who knows, maybe the solution to my next challenge lies hidden within the amazing mind of a mini human!

Refueling through exploration – Discovering new places and perspectives keeps the creative fire burning bright.

Looking differently – Capturing the world from unexpected angles is a personal passion. A fresh perspective can make all the difference.

Shredding – When the work is done, you might find me shredding at the local skatepark. A good design leader should always be able to manage the grind...

Seeking inspiration – My collection of designer figures isn’t just for show. Sometimes, the most powerful inspiration comes in the most compact packages.

Pondering – Because questioning everything keeps the ideas fresh.