Hi there!

I’m Alex Melville, an independent

What do I do?

I explore variation within 
the functionality 
of effective design.

So, what do I actually do?

As Creative Director & Founder of Design Planet, I work with businesses of all shapes and sizes, helping them to define their brand identity and communicate effectively with their customers.

Sometimes, I also join forces with existing studios and agencies as a freelance specialist or bring together experts I trust on large-scale projects.


What services do I specialize in?

Design Thinking.
Creative Direction.
Brand & Identity.
Art Direction.
Visual Design.
User Experience.
Motion Graphics.

Where am I based?

I work mostly from my studio in Cambridge. However, I do enjoy the occasional journey into cities across the UK or Europe to catch up with in-house teams and clients.

My work schedule can also be adjusted to team up remotely with European and east-coast US-based teams.

Who's trusted me?

Bloomberg Bose Braun Emirates Ford GoCompare Helly Hansen Honda HSBCBloomberg Bose Braun Emirates Ford GoCompare Helly Hansen Honda HSBCBloomberg Bose Braun Emirates Ford GoCompare Helly Hansen Honda HSBC
John Lewis Lacoste Lego Lenovo M&S Nespresso Ocado QuickbooksJohn Lewis Lacoste Lego Lenovo M&S Nespresso Ocado QuickbooksJohn Lewis Lacoste Lego Lenovo M&S Nespresso Ocado Quickbooks
Sensodyne Squarespace Vodafone Volvo Wellcome Collection YunoJunoSensodyne Squarespace Vodafone Volvo Wellcome Collection YunoJunoSensodyne Squarespace Vodafone Volvo Wellcome Collection YunoJuno

What interests me?

When not working, I can be found spending quality time with my family, discovering new places, capturing moments from unique perspectives, shredding the skatepark, and collecting designer figures.

I also enjoy taking time out for conceptual thought; philosophical, technological, scientific, and political.